S.Luca has been crafting luxury dairy ice cream for over 100 years. Our family’s dedication to our grandfather’s original recipe and passion for sourcing quality ingredients has established S. Luca as a Scottish treasure.

Made from fresh Scottish double cream and whole milk, S. Luca Dairy Ice Cream is renowned for its smooth, creamy texture and sophisticated taste.  Although we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the traditional flavours, our glaciers have also created a number of exciting new ice creams such as New York Lime Cheesecake and our famous Toffee Fudgy Wudgy.  In addition, we have also introduced a refreshing range of sorbets and low fat frozen yogurts.

S.Luca Dairy Ice Cream is available at our ice cream parlours as well as many of Scotland’s finest restaurants, hotels and independent retailers. Our unique fleet of ice cream vans, including arguably the world’s only vintage Rolls Royce ice cream van, can be found serving cones at many of Scotland’s seaside resorts and country parks.

Our passion for crafting luxury dairy ice cream is as fresh today as it was in 1908.


Like our ice cream, our history combines the best of Scotland with the best of Italy.  It all began in the 1890s when Luca Scappaticcio set out from his home in Cassino, Italy destined for a life in Scotland.  His passion for cooking secured him a position in the kitchens of one of Scotland’s more prominent hotels.  It was here that he learned the art of creating luxury ice cream.  By combining this with the knowledge of flavour and texture that he brought with him from Italy, he was able to create a truly unique ice cream.

In 1908, he and his wife Anastasia opened the first S. Luca ice cream parlour in the seaside town of Musselburgh on the east coast of Scotland.  He wisely chose to name the ice cream parlour S. Luca and not L. Scappaticcio so as not to tongue-tie his customers.

Back then all the ice cream was hand stirred by our grandmother, Anastasia and, being the days before refrigeration, was keep cool by insulting it with straw and later dry ice. Whilst production and storage techniques have changed, our ice cream recipe has largely remained untouched.  In addition, our ice cream is still produced in the same factory as it was in Luca Scappaticcio’s day.